Tutto pronto OWC 2021

6 September 2021





Marina di Torre Grande – Everything is ready for the tenth edition of the Open Water Challenge on the Torre Grande coast. This event has always embraced various water sports, including paddle, kitesurfing and wingfoil, and in 2021 it will be enriched by the first stage of the Formula Kite World Championship.

Two weekends of international sport. From 9 to 17 October, the seaside town of Oristano will experience a moment of high international level with the presence of over 200 athletes from around the world, France, Spain, Thailand, Morocco, just to name a few. They will all be involved in the various competitions to be held in the Gulf of Oristano.

Sport and Lounge Area Green. On 9 and 10 October, the Wing and Paddle Festival will begin, with days of competitions in the two specialities but also events. In fact, a large area dedicated to the world of the sea, eco-sustainability and attention to environmental protection and the territory will be set up on the beach with the presence of experts in the sector.

The 2024 Olympics begin in Oristano. From 11 to 17 October, the event will get into full swing, day after day it will become more technical and the kite sails will colour the Gulf of Oristano.

It will be a real international spectacle never seen before on the waters of Torre Grande, in fact the participants will be the champions who will take part in the Paris 2024 Olympics, it is here, in French waters, that the Kite will debut in the five-circle Games.

“Proposing a more important event every year has always been our goal and for 2021 we have succeeded,” explain Eolo Beach Sports President Sebastiano Cau and Eddy Piana, organiser and creator of the event.

“It is a great honour to start the FormulaKite World Championship from Oristano, from Torre Grande and we are proud that the athletes attending the Paris 2024 Olympics will pass through here. The support of the Region of Sardinia, the Municipality of Oristano and the Oristano Foundation is fundamental for this year too” they conclude.

“The Formula Kite World championship is not only a world championship but in fact it is the first world championship of the neo-Olympic class that for the first time will see on the competition fields the athletes looking for an Olympic medal for Kite Foil,” says Mirco Babini, President of the International Kitesurf Federation and President of Ika (International Kiteboarding Class).

“This is one of the fastest disciplines in the world sailing scene, Kite Foil is a neo-discipline with exceptional performance characteristics and in Torre Grande the competitions will take place for the first time with the Olympic format.

The representation of athletes from all continents will remain in history, the result we have achieved today is the result of years of work and thanks to the success of the European Championship two years ago, confirmed over the years by the school of Eddy Piana and Eolo Beach Sports.

I can only be proud to see Italy host an event of such great importance. Once again – concludes Mirco Babini – the CKWI National Class and the Italian Sailing Federation support events of great importance and allow Italy to remain a leader in the sailing world”.
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