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13 September 2021


Marina di Torre Grande – The eleventh edition of the Open Water Challenge is taking shape. In a month’s time, the most important world champions in water sports will be taking to the Oristano coastline.
The appointment is from 9 to 17 October 2021, for two weekends of great sport.
The internationally important event will once again be a great container of sporting activities including paddle, kiteboard, wingfoil and in 2021 for the first time the first stage of the Formula Kite World Championship will be held.

Between 9 and 10 October the waters of Torre Grande and San Giovanni di Sinis will host the Wing&Paddle Festival during which the Sinis SUP Marathon will be held, a Long Distance race that will take athletes to compete on the waters of the ancient city of Tharros, now an important archaeological and cultural site. The race is open to all, professionals and amateurs alike.

From 11 to 17 October the first stage of the FormulaKite World Championship will take place and for the first time professional athletes will compete following the format in force in Paris 2024, where Kiteboarding will make its debut in the Olympic Games and participants will compete in search of a medal.
At the moment registrations are already counting important rainbow names, among them Axel Mazzella, Toni Vodisek, Julia Damasiewicz, Eleanor Aldridge, Sofia Tomasoni, Florian Gruber, Denis Taradin. All nations from Chile, Poland, France, Estonia, Indonesia and New Zealand will be represented in Torre Grande.

The Open Water Challenge on board Moby-Tirrenia and Grimaldi ships: athletes taking part in the international OWC and Formula Kite week will be able to reach Sardinia on board the ferries with which the organisation has agreed advantageous conventions.

Media and Marketing. On the social channels of the Open Water Challenge it is already possible to follow the path towards the Formula Kite World Championship, all channels are active: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Twitch.
Also renewed the important co-marketing with ARST, the city buses will sponsor the event.

Sports and Lounge Area Green. On 9 and 10 October there will also be events on the beach and a large area dedicated to the world of the sea, eco-sustainability and attention to environmental protection and the territory will be set up with the presence of experts in the sector. The dedicated areas will be freely accessible by showing the Green Pass.

“Torre Grande continues to confirm its importance at world level. Raising the bar a little higher is our objective and this year too the organisational machine is moving forward with great and sure steps to guarantee an international show of great sport,” comments Eddy Piana, organiser and creator of the event. “Bringing a break from Paris 2024 to Oristano is a great little dream come true, the start of a new adventure”.
The support of the Region of Sardinia, the Municipality of Oristano, the Oristano Foundation, the Fondazione di Sardegna and the Oristano Harbour Master’s Office is also fundamental this year.

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