Interview with Mirco Babini

7 June 2023

“Once again, Torregrande has proven to be the right choice for this type of event, with impeccable organization, thanks in particular to the support of both public and private institutions, as well as the Italian Sailing Federation. It was an excellent outcome for the European title, which went to one of our top athletes, and the entire national youth team performed admirably. It’s definitely a farewell for now.” – Mirco Babini, President of IKA and CKWI.

“With 91 athletes from 22 countries and representing 4 continents, we experienced exciting moments during the European and World Youth and Masters Formula Kite Championships. It was an extraordinary experience to live through a highly challenging championship, where our own Riccardo Pianosi won the gold medal.”

“A special thanks to the Tourism Department of the Region of Sardinia. The event is part of the rich calendar of ‘Sardegna Isola dello Sport’ Grand Events sponsored by the Regional Department. We would also like to express our gratitude to the Municipality of Oristano, the Sardegna Foundation, and the Oristano Foundation for their valuable support.”

“We would like to thank our sponsors, Crai and Centro Cash, for their support to the event.”

“We can’t wait to welcome you at our @eoloristobartorregrande, where you can enjoy delicious food.”

“Discover a world of sports offered by our Eolo team @asdeolo_beachsport.”

“Stay tuned for more exciting water sports events on the shores of Torregrande as we approach the inaugural event of Olympic Kiteboarding in 2024!”





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