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22 May 2023
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Marina di Torregrande – Today, the week of major events that bring the European youth “Formula Kite Youth European Championship” and the master world “Kitefoil Open Masters World Championship” to Oristano was presented.

The organization is led by Eolo Beach Sports and Open Water Challenge. The event is part of the rich calendar of “Sardegna Isola dello Sport” Grand Events, sponsored by the Tourism Department of the Region of Sardinia and supported by the Municipality of Oristano, the Sardegna Foundation, and the Oristano Foundation.

For spectators, enthusiasts, and the curious, watching the races will be easy and free, as they can be observed from the beach. In fact, the racecourse will vary depending on the wind conditions, and the entire Gulf of Oristano will be the setting for this great event.

The master world championship. The “Kitefoil Open Masters World Championship” brings the best athletes to Torregrande in search of a world title, and participation in this competition is determined by age, as only those over 35 can participate. There are 25 registered participants, 4 women and 21 men, but registrations remain open, and there might still be some surprises.

The youth European championship. The list of participants under 21 in the “Formula Kite Youth European Championship” is extensive, featuring young champions competing for the European title.

This important open competition also allows athletes from other countries to participate, although they cannot compete for the European champion title. However, they have the opportunity to win the “Trofeo Torregrande Kitefoil.” There are many prominent names on this long list of young athletes, including Riccardo Pianosi, who was recently ranked number one in the world but is now in third place. Other notable participants include Angelo Soli, Giuseppe Paolillo, Julio Houze, Flavio Marx, among the best in the national and international scene.

Among the women, the world number three, Israeli Gal Zuckerman, will be present, along with Polish athletes Julia Damasiewicz and Magdalena Woyciechoska. Local athlete Maddalena Spanu will also be competing. In this case as well, registrations will remain open until a few days before the start, as per the regulations.

The Formula One of the sea. Speed, adrenaline, and great technical skills are the characteristics that professional kiters possess as they race through the Gulf, reaching speeds of up to 40 knots. The spectators will once again have the opportunity to admire these highly technological instruments in Torregrande. They are designed and built to perform at high levels even with very little wind, thanks to the foil, a fin that lifts the board above the water surface.

Towards Paris 2024. The event in Oristano is one of the last for the athletes before the start of the first Olympic qualifier, which will take place in August in the Gulf of Marseille, the location for the 2024 Olympic regattas. Kiteboarding will make its debut at the Olympic Games in a year’s time, during Paris 2024.

Five Continents in Sardinia. Nearly 90 athletes will compete in the Gulf of Oristano, accompanied by teams from various nations, including Italy, Brazil, France, the United Kingdom, Poland, China, Israel, Mexico, the Czech Republic, Canada, Switzerland, Denmark, France, and many others.

Opening ceremony. Monday, May 22 will be dedicated to registrations and equipment checks for the athletes, and on Tuesday, May 23, the races will begin with the first trials.

In the afternoon of Tuesday, May 23, the opening ceremony will take place. On this occasion, a group of cruise ship passengers from Costa Diadema (which will reach the Port of Santa Giusta) will visit Torregrande to witness, albeit for a few hours, this double world and European sports event. Eolo Beach Sports, in collaboration with Coldiretti Oristano, will welcome tourists by offering local delicacies that cruise ship passengers can purchase directly from the producers’ stands.

Worldwide live broadcast. The final stages held in the waters of Torregrande will be broadcast live worldwide through Formula Kite’s web and social media channels, with the commentary in English.

Sardinia on the world’s TVs. According to data from Icarus Sports, the footage of the 2022 Formula Kite World Championship was broadcast on 71 television channels worldwide for over 41 hours. It reached 121 countries around the globe, and for 2023, efforts are being made to ensure maximum regional, national, and international visibility. (See details on the last page).

Economic impact on the territory. For three years, the Formula Kite has brought athletes and their numerous teams to visit the province of Oristano, allowing them to admire cultural and tourist sites in the area while staying in hotels and accommodations in the city, the marina village, and the surrounding areas.

Concerts and DJ sets. Three evenings of musical entertainment will also be dedicated to the major sports event. On Friday, May 26, Big Mama will perform at Eolo Ristobar, on Saturday, May 27, Carovana Folk will take the stage, and on Sunday evening, May 28, DJ Sandro Azzena and Eddy Piana will conclude this grand event.

Eddy Piana, organizer. “We are excited to once again host the big family of Formula Kite, of which we now feel an integral part. It will be a great show.”

Sergio Cantagalli, Sports Director. “For many of these athletes, the Torregrande event will be an opportunity on their path to the Paris 2024 Olympics. It is a significant technical and organizational responsibility that once again demonstrates the value of our organization.”

Mirco Babini, President of the International Kiteboarding Association IKA and President of CKWI (National Kiteboarding and Wingfoil Class). “Italy is always a leader in events, and we have a high-level team, as we have demonstrated through our continuous and intense work with the Federation, the Class, and the organizations that have distinguished themselves throughout Italy in recent years. Torregrande has become the meeting point for the world’s elite kitefoil athletes.”

Gianni Chessa, Councilor for Tourism of the Sardinia Region. “These two international championships are part of the rich program that will encompass the entire island in 2023, focusing on sports as an effective tool for tourism promotion. ‘Sardegna, Isola dello Sport’ is a strategy that we, as the Regional Council, have decided to support wholeheartedly since its inception, and it has yielded excellent results. The participation of athletes from around the world and the attention of international media guarantee remarkable promotional outcomes, not only for the hosting territory but for the entire island.”

Sebastiano Cau, President of ASD Eolo Beach Sports. “Behind this extraordinary opportunity, the connections that naturally need to be activated among all operators and local administrations play a fundamental role in terms of planning.”

Massimiliano Sanna, Mayor of Oristano: “Once again, Torre Grande proves to be the ideal venue for water sports, especially kiteboarding. The professionalism of the organizers is confirmed as they have managed to put Torre Grande in the global spotlight. Alongside them, the Municipality of Oristano has always believed in, encouraged, and supported projects with strong international significance.”

Antonio Franceschi, Councilor for Sports of the Municipality of Oristano: “The year 2023 will be long remembered in Oristano’s sports history for the many high-level events. Oristano is a city with a strong sporting tradition. The world championship will bring champions to the waters of the Gulf of Oristano, ensuring a spectacle and sporting value.”

Luca Faedda, Councilor for Tourism of the Municipality of Oristano: “The combination of sports, tourism, and the environment always works, and this event confirms the unique vocation of our territory. The Municipality of Oristano believes in, works for, and invests resources and energy in this combination. The images of this event will circulate worldwide, showcasing the beauty of our territory.”

Corrado Fara, Regional President of the Italian Sailing Federation in Sardinia (Zone III): “Our island confirms itself as an ideal location for hosting international events, and the organizing clubs are always prepared to welcome athletes and teams who travel the world and have made Sardinia their second home.”

Bruno Perra, President of CONI Sardinia: “The youth European championship and the master world championship will be an opportunity to appreciate a sport that combines natural elements such as wind and water with the most innovative technologies.”




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